Winston Churchill is actually a very effective presenter

Winston Churchill is actually a very effective presenter

feeling (uh FEKT) n. 1. one thing through a cause; a result; dos. the capability to produce results; step 3. an impact or action on the one thing -vt. in order to create; to produce thus; resulting in; to complete • When someone tickles you, the effect is you laugh. • Sipping excess may have the end result of fabricating your light-lead. • The kid has got the skill and you will speed so you can feeling a great knockout in three rounds. [-ed, -ing] [Syn. effects, outcome; Ant. cause]

effective* (uh FEK tiv) adj. step 1. undertaking a consequence; 2. undertaking a definite or desired effect; efficient; step 3. in essence; operative; active; 4. actual, in the place of possible or theoretical; 5. equipped and you may in a position to own treat • • • • •

Certain insect aerosols are better than the others. The order in order to statement is effective within 24 hours. We will have a solution in the times. The new marines will have a beneficial push on the ground of the the first regarding the following month. [-ly adv.]

efficacious* (EF We KAY shis) adj. ready creating the desired results; actually doing you to definitely effects; effective • Aspirin are an effective procedures with lots of spends. [-ly adv.] [Syn. effective]

efficient (ef Seafood int) adj. using at least effort, expense, or waste result in a coveted effect which have • Good diesel system is more successful than a steam motor, even in the event diesel stamina isn’t clean burning. • If your desk are planned when you look at the a competent fashion, what exactly you employ normally are definitely the extremely obtainable. egregious (elizabeth GREE juhs) adj. terrible; full of undesired qualities; interestingly crappy; flagrant • When the American some body decided to go with [your fill in title], it generated a keen egregious mistake. • The fresh new dinner supported toward all of our airline away from St. [-ly adv.]

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