Proctor South Florida serves Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach Counties.  We offer unique programs that have been designed with your time and budget in mind.  Whether you are certifying for the first time or re-certifying, Proctor South Florida will make this process simple, convenient, and affordable.  Our pass results exceed those of any other programs in the industry.  Our high pass results speak for themselves.

We provide a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere with intimate class sizes.  This environment offers our participants personal attention and the opportunity for discussion about topics related to their specific day-to-day duties and activities.  We offer discounts and onsite sessions for 2 or more participants.  Spanish instruction is also available.

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Training is a knowledge game and learning from experts can bring fresh eyes to the work you do and the challenges you face!   When you are present in a classroom setting, every-day demands and distractions are left behind.  You suddenly become focused and engaged remembering what it feels like to have personal interaction with an instructor and your peers!

Ask questions and receive immediate feedback - learn faster, more effectively, and with higher retention!   Our sessions are adapted to the skill level and personality of each group.  Contact us now and experience the “Gold Standard” of instructor-led training. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

Jonathan L.

“With my busy schedule, I don’t have the time or patience to skip around looking at all the different ways to become certified. The Proctor South Florida website made my certification process simple and convenient. The process was seamless, the customer service was outstanding...”
Food and Beverage Manager

Chef Jonathan L.

Chef Alan F.

I received an immediate response When I contacted Proctor South Florida. Everything was explained in a way that was simple and understandable.  I registered for the next available class.  The class was just the right amount of time, I did great on the exam, and I received my results as soon as I finished my exam.  As soon as I got back to my office, I downloaded and printed my certificate.  I was impressed, really impressed.

 Chef Alan F.

Graduate of Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale



Bryan. M

We have been using Proctor South Florida as our preferred training provider for almost 5 years.   Every 3 or 4 months, I have a new group of managers who need certified.  I place a call, schedule a date and, without any problems whatsoever, the sessions are successful and my pass rates are higher than with any other company I’ve ever used.  My managers have great feedback about the class and  I see improvement in everything they do.  They seem to care more about food safety and take extra measures to lead by example.  It’s a good feeling when you receive outstanding service at a fair price from a company that shows a true commitment to my team.

Marriott Corporation

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